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Nuclear Industry Quality Management System

The nuclear industry has discovered that companies producing equipment, systems, and services for them to use are in need of an enhanced quality management system that is more specific than ISO 9001, and a main focus of “designing safety in”.

Identifying this necessity, ISO 19443 was released in 2018 which enhances ISO 9001 with nuclear supply chain’s requirements. ISO 19443 has been built upon the ISO 9001 standard, however principles have been tailored to be more specific to the nuclear energy sector. ISO 9001 is primarily focused on the requirements of a quality management system in comparison ISO 19443 has a specific focus on nuclear safety.

The importance on ISO 19443

Nuclear safety is of high importance, because of this the safety systems in place need to be consistent. Implementing ISO 19443 will provide a business with clear, defined requirements for quality management systems. When providing nuclear equipment, systems, and services to operators the quality system will ensure to not only meet the customers’ needs but will also enhance their satisfaction through effective application.

As developments in nuclear processes continue to develop, so does the standard that accompanies these developments.  Although ISO 19443 is not yet a legal requirement for nuclear supplies the possession is likely to become mandatory. Securing ownership of the standard will therefore future proof your offerings and continue to enable your company to show its reliability and quality of processes.

Benefits of Nuclear Quality Systems

● Develop a high quality of nuclear safety;

● Develop a nuclear quality culture in all activities;

● Ensure the suppliers provides the appropriate level of quality in the delivery of products & services;

● Contribute to operational excellence by supporting continuous improvement;

● Improve quality, lead-time and cost by the standardisation of requirements in the supply chain.


If your company is operating within the nuclear industry or if you are a producer/supplier of ITNS products & services then ISO 19443 is the correct quality management system for you.

The standard will demonstrate a high level of confidence in the capacity of your organisation to deliver products or services for the nuclear sector. 

At ISA Support we can help your organisation implement and certify to ISO 19443 system Contact us today and we will be happy to support your business!


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