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ISO 22000 Food Safety

Food Safety

Since ISA (Business Development & Support) was launched in 2006 we offer services in Food Safety, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000 and BRCGS Food Management Standard. 

If your business is in need of certification to ISO 22000 or BRCGS Food Safety Standard, we have a highly specialised and experienced team who can support your business in achieving a competitive advantage within the Food Supply Chain. 

What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is a framework used by organisations to deliver food that is safe for consumers. The way in which food is grown, transported, manufactured and consumed has adapted significantly when compared to previous standards. ISO 22000 takes into consideration these changes and aims to reduce an organisation's health and safety hazards. 

What our Food Safety services offer

When carrying out a food safety service for your business we will conduct a Hazard Analysis which will be used to examine risks and any critical hazards. Once this process has been completed we will then establish suitable control measures to reduce the risks and eliminate critical hazards. This will help to define the goals for Food Safety performance and much more.

Benefits of ISO 22000 / BRCGS

● Increase resource efficiency

● Grow with new business opportunities.

● Comply with legal obligations related to food safety.

● Gain stakeholder and customer trust.

● Manage food safety obligations with consistency.

At ISA Support we are specialised to provide support to businesses within every point of the Food Chain. We can offer advice on choosing the correct system of work, policies and procedures for your workplace. We can also offer training for your business to ensure a safer and smarter way to handle and manage food. 

If you need help implementing a framework for the Food Safety Management System, entirely compliant with ISO 22000 Standard & BRCGS Food Management, contact us today.


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