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Spill Control Training

In support of ISO 14001 and Health & Safety requirements, ISA can provide your company with Spill Control Training.

Why is Spill Control Training necessary?

Spill Control is a fundamental need in support of environmental protection and health and safety management.

If hazardous material or chemicals spill, they pose a potential problem to the environment and health and safety alike.

Spilled chemicals of not treated correctly can find their way to foul and surface water courses both of which are illegal and subject to prosecution by authorities which can lead to substantial fines and at worst imprisonment.

Untreated spills such as oils, petroleum’s and solvents can increase the potential for fire so effective emergency response plans must be in place in the event of a spill, however the handling of such chemicals in the wrong way can also pose serious personal health problems and result in personal claims against the business.

All spillages must be managed correctly.

ISA can provide the spill response training for company representatives to gain a greater understanding on how to deal with a Spill and all control measures correctly, this includes spill kit, use of personal protective equipment, and creating an emergency plan in the event of a spill.

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