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Online fire safety training

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Course Information:

It is essential for all individuals in the work place carry out training in fire prevention. According to the regulatory reform fire safety order 2005, if employers fail to train staff in the basics of fire prevention, you are breaking the law. If you do not follow these rules it can lead to a criminal conviction.

This course focuses on how to prevent fires and the potential risks that can occur in the workplace. You will gain basic knowledge in using firefighting equipment and you will carry out evacuation procedures as well as understanding the importance of limiting false alarms in the workplace.

We will provide you with free online risk assessment forms upon purchasing this course. These forms are available to all assigned users.

This course covers:

Introduction to Fire and Safety:

During this course you will learn 3 essential elements to any flame and the steps required in order to prevent these three elements coming together. The following stage is how a flame can spread if one should catch light in the workplace.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005:

In this section we will cover the responsibilities of employers and employees in the workplace. We explain who is in charge of keeping individuals safe in the workplace as well as covering the required safety signs and where they should be located in the workplace.

Fire Prevention:

This section covers the importance of risk assessments. We identify the principles of effective fire prevention.

Detecting a blaze at work:

We explain how situations are detected and outlined through relevant safety procedures in the workplace.


We identify when a blaze can and should be restricted and explain the different types of fire equipment that can be used in different situations in a safe, secure manor.

Evacuation and escape:

This section explains the principles of an evacuation procedure. We will explain who is responsible for contacting emergency services and what to do and what not to do in the event of an evacuation.

False Alarm Prevention:

It is important to know how to prevent false alarms occurring in the workplace. This course is relevant to all organisations and ensures employers are meeting the legal requirements needed and understand what to do if a blaze was to occur.

ISA can also provide expert led training to your employees, if you would like more information please visit our fire safety awareness courses page.

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