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ISA Support are now offering ISO 19443:2018 Implementation support

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ISO 19443 is a standard developed in 2018 specifically for the Nuclear Industry due to the nature of the standard and the increased controls required by the standard and the lack of certification bodies seeking UKAS accreditation to offer their services in support of this standard. Only two companies in the UK to date are known to have acquired ISO 19443:2018 Certification, highlighting the need for greater awareness and understanding of the standard. This standard is important because it helps to ensure that nuclear facilities and equipment meet strict safety requirements and quality standards.

In readiness for the increased interest in Companies wanting ISO 1994 Certification, ISA (BD&S) have invested significantly to ensure that it is ready to support companies with this need.

Acquiring ISO 19443:2018 certification can provide a number of benefits for companies operating in the nuclear industry. These include:

Compliance with regulations and standards - ISO 19443:2018 certification ensures that companies comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as the Nuclear Safety and Security (NSS) regulations and the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) guidance on quality management.

Improved safety and quality - The standard helps to improve safety and quality by providing guidelines for effective quality management systems that cover all aspects of nuclear products and services, from design to installation and servicing.

Increased customer confidence - ISO 19443:2018 certification demonstrates a company's commitment to quality and safety, which can increase customer confidence and lead to new business opportunities.

Challenges in acquiring ISO 19443:2018 certification - Despite the benefits of ISO 19443:2018 certification, there are several challenges that companies in the UK nuclear industry may face when seeking certification.

Increased controls - ISO 19443:2018 requires increased controls over quality management systems, which can be challenging for companies to implement and maintain.

Lack of certification bodies - There is currently a lack of certification bodies seeking UKAS accreditation to offer their services, making it difficult for companies to find a certification body that can provide ISO 19443:2018 certification.

Cost - Acquiring ISO 19443:2018 certification can be expensive, as it requires significant resources to implement and maintain an effective quality management system.

ISO 19443:2018 certification is an important standard for the UK nuclear industry, providing guidelines for effective quality management systems that improve safety and quality and ensure compliance with regulations and standards. While there are challenges in acquiring certification, the benefits of certification can outweigh these challenges. As more companies in the UK nuclear industry become aware of and seek ISO 19443:2018 certification, the industry as a whole will benefit from improved safety and quality.

For further information on the acquisition of ISO 19443:2018 certification and its requirements, please contact ISA Business Development & Support here.

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